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Landing Page Design

Top Converting Destination Page For Your Marketing Efforts
Landing Page Design
Creative design with LeadBurst Marketing.

A landing page is a fairly simple yet effective concept. Traffic is directed to a specific page which showcases a product or service. The landing page displays the content that is a logical extension of an online advertisement or link. There typically is no other navigation on the page which allows the visitor to focus primarily on the content displayed before them. It is extremely important to understand the target market first prior to designing an effective landing page. For examples of powerful, high converting landing page designs, view our Portfolio.

The ability for a visitor to immediately relate to the landing page is crucial to the conversion process. The landing page should be relevant to the needs of the visitor. Also, it should be supported with strategic content to capture the visitor and direct them to an action. In most cases, the action is filling out a form for more information or picking up the phone and dialing to speak to someone about the product or service.

A landing page should contain a strategic headline which fulfills the message made by the description of the ads or links. It should contain a clear content, instruction and call to action. Use of relevant images, graphics and color backgrounds make a landing page more attractive and display professionalism.

At LeadBurst Marketing, we develop landing pages that convert. The visitor is drawn to the landing page and guided via the flow of information, both through content and visually, to take an action. Coupled with strong ads, there is not a higher quality lead that can be generated than a lead coming from your own dedicated, targeted landing page. If done correctly, the conversion rate of these leads is higher than any other source.

Contact us now to get started on a strategic landing page concept that will generate better leads.