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Facebook Ads Management

Tap Into The Power Of Social Media Advertising
Facebook Paid Ads Management
Highly Targeted Campaigns To Capture Quality Leads and Sales

Billions of people use Facebook on a daily basis around the globe. As the most widely used social media site in the world, Facebook is an essential platform for most businesses. It is quite simply the easiest way to attract new potential customers and cultivate brand loyalty. Of course, just being on Facebook does not guarantee success. You need expert guidance and management. Fortunately, we are here to help. Our Clients put their trust in our advertising experts to boost their digital and social presence. With more than twenty years of industry experience, we can grow your digital marketing reach while you focus on every day tasks of running your business.

Who Should Advertise On Facebook?

The question really is, why isn’t your business advertising on Facebook? If you have a business. Facebook’s user base is massive – so no matter what type of consumer audience you have, working with Facebook to promote your products or services will propel your business if managed properly.

Facebook Ads are cost-effective, which is a great perk any company can appreciate. No matter your finances, you can advertise on Facebook.

Your only dilemma, once on your business is advertising on Facebook, is how many people do you want to reach per day? While the cost does increase depending on the number of people you’re interested in advertising to, it is extremely affordable compared to most, if not all, other channels.

Advertising via Facebook is very competitive – you’ll need all the help that you can get. As a Facebook digital marketing agency, we have the experience utilizing Big-Data companies to target your ideal customer giving us an edge to make Facebook work for your business. Our specialized team of Facebook Managers will help your business create custom strategies, and optimize your ad campaigns.

How Can LeadBurst Help With Your Paid Facebook Advertising?

Are you new to advertising on Facebook or just not seeing the conversions you were expecting? Our approach is simple. Make social networks work harder for your business. When you work with a proven leader in digital marketing like LeadBurst, we can create your campaign from the ground up. From compelling graphics to well-targeted ads, we aim to generate real results to drive quality, high converting new leads. Additionally, you can rely on our experienced Facebook Ads Team to perform ongoing maintenance of the campaign to ensure it is always optimized for success.

We’ll take an overall strategic look at your goals, and identify demographic and geographic targets that will contribute to the growth and success of your campaign. Our custom-built strategies and creative content will ensure appropriate and targeted audiences. We’ll maximize available Facebook tools while keeping you on track and within your budget.

We use a mix of audience sources and competitive structure to target a range of audiences using your first-party data, powerful lookalike modeling, innovative third-party integrations and big-data companies that match individuals to your product or service.

To ensure maximum visibility and attribution, we append trackers from multiple sources helping assess after click performance. This is key to identifying ROI and the success of your campaign. Our experts are ready to assist. Contact us today and let’s talk social.